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Branding Your Practice with Joe Bavonese

Expand Your Practice: NP0037 – Session 2

Do you have a “message” about your practice but find it hard to put into words? Do you think that social media websites might help grow your practice? Join Joe Bavonese as he helps you market your practice more effectively in today’s highly technological world.

After the session, please let us know what you think. If you ever have any technical questions or issues, please feel free to email

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8 Responses to Branding Your Practice with Joe Bavonese

  1. lakshmi20 says:

    That was a wonderful presentation. I really enjoyed Joe’s matter-of-fact, practical perspective.

    My question for Joe (I will visit your website after this) is:
    I have two distinct licenses and ways of working: licensed in
    massage therapy and counseling with many years postgrad Gestalt
    training. Do I need two separate websites, or do I need to create a clever way of joining my two professions under one heading?? My psychotherapy is quite focused on body and sensation – thanks for your time. . .much appreciated

  2. Joe Bavonese, PhD says:

    Sounds like you can do this in one website, since your psychotherapy is ‘below the neck’ in orientation. Sounds like a cool brand to integrate both, and very unique. You can put some very high search keywords in your meta tags as well so drive some free traffic. I would create separate main pages for the bodywork and counseling, that link from the Home Page with a description of the benefits of each – why someone might want one service vs. the other.

    Good luck with your practice!



  3. vicswenson1 says:

    Joe Bavonese is a master at helping those of us who are “non-techies” to successfully implement branding and develop effective websites. His Uncommon Practices site is full of good information and he often offers free webinars in which he shares clear, easy-to-understand information on how to build a strong online presence that generates referrals. He is a fantastic addition to this series on building a more successful practice–a topic that I greatly appreciate seeing tackled by Psychotherapy Networker.

  4. Heather says:

    Many good ideas shared here. I will IMPLEMENT my plan to check out both goggle and Bing as well as visit my website on my phone to see if I have “responsive design” set up.
    Thanks for the tips.
    Heather McKechnie

  5. zhe2l says:

    Hi, I am a young student in this field, I am 25, and I watched this presentation. It’s very interesting that young people today are thinking so differently. I was thinking, “what? psychotherapy networker has been around since the 70s? I wouldn’t even know anything about this organization if not for the fact that I need to get my student liability insurance at AMHCA and they told me about this!” In fact, the design of the website banner looks so old and outdated that when I first opened the website I was even doubting if this website is legitimate! It’s a difficult thing to accept but this is how bad we market ourselves. do we really don’t have the time and money to get a better looking web design, a professional looking logo and a higher ranking on the google search? absolutely not. we just assume that because we are legitimate and hard working people, that other people will know it too. But the world is not the same. Young people get information in a totally different way, and we have to change our ways to adapt to that too. Not just for making enough money to live on this profession, but also to actually deliver help to those who need it and use an entirely different source of information.

  6. niosoty says:

    This was an excellent presentation especially for those like me who are just now opening a private practice. After many years working for public service, creating your own business is challenging. I will certainly, consider all the advice that Joe Bavonese gave us in this session.
    My question is… how do we target that sector of the population that is not computer literate? Advertising on newspapers?

  7. wcharness says:

    Excellent presentation that gave more of the how to’s in detail than in theory for those of us who are ready to take action but just don’t know where to start. Would love to see a webinar on developing web content. thank you and I will be checking out Joe’s website as well.

  8. 20852DUARTL009 says:

    Wow! Excellent presentation. Joe is so concise in delivering his information. His guidance is right on the money. I have been researching business processes from several different resources and I received much valuable information from Joe, one resource.

    I will definitely follow-up with Joe via his website. Thanks for the valuable information and thanks to Simon for including this subject in this series – - excellent choice!

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