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Whole Psychiatry: Alternatives to Conventional Psychopharmacology with Robert Hedaya

Meds: Myths and Realities: NP0035 – Session 4

Is psychopharmacology a ‘go-to’ in your practice? Join Robert Hedaya as he discusses how to treat the bodily systems that underlay many mental health issues while avoiding medication.

After the session, please let us know what you think. If you ever have any technical questions or issues, please feel free to email

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7 Responses to Whole Psychiatry: Alternatives to Conventional Psychopharmacology with Robert Hedaya

  1. LOVE Dr. Hedaya’s comment just now on the huge risk and unethical experiment we are perpetrating on our kids to give them traditional psycho tropics, especially when we can use these alternative, holistic techniques first.

  2. jeanmac says:

    Dr. Hedaya’s program has been fascinating and edifying. I shall go to both websites he mentioned, and perhaps the question I have will be easily answered there.

    Q: Are Naturopathic Physicians, or Naturopathic Medicine an ancillary or preferable source of medical treatment to traditional medical Internists??
    Q2: Are Naturopathics too narrowly focused?

    Once again, a 4th Homer Out-Of-The-Park Presentation…

  3. leticia tayabas says:

    Fantastic!. It opens a whole new field, thank you so much for the webcast, I will surely consult Dr. Hedaya¨s web site.

  4. vicswenson1 says:

    Another great presentation from Psychotherapy Networker. Dr. Hedaya’s approach makes complete sense and provided many ideas that will help me expand what I listen, look for and discuss with my clients. Thank you!

  5. lucia says:

    I strongly believe that what we eat/digest/surround ourselves with, and who we spend time with, in the environment, either helps or harms us. You said that you had some success with osteoporosis. What about osteopenia? What would you evaluate for with this problem and how would you know what is contributing to the osteopenia? What are the items you would check? What type of supplements would you suggest and would you also include meditation? If someeone wanted help in this area, what is the time commitment to come to meet with you when the person is from another state? Are there alternative ways to obtain help after coming for a one day/one week eval and then doing more evaluation and help from a distance?

    What experience have you had with individuals who have severe PTSD and multiple traumas from sexual/physical abuse? Have you had any success with those type of clients and how would you begin to help them? Thanks, so much, for your time. This was very informative.

    • Lucia,
      Many good questions here, but too lengthly to answer in a reasonable manner. Please feel free to call my office and speak with Gina, re: the options for treatment and evaluation. We treat people from around the world.

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