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The Rewards Of More Direct Contact With Potential Clients

Lynn Grodzki On An Opportunity Presented From Tough Times.

When times are tough, therapists turn to Lynn Grodzki. She’s a pioneer in our field widely recognized for helping clinicians build and maintain successful practices no matter what challenges tough times and changing market dynamics bring.

In this quick clip—part of our upcoming all new webcast series on expanding your practice—Lynn invites us to think entrepreneurially about how to make the most of just one of the new opportunities she sees in today’s rapidly changing mental health marketplace.

Just click on the frame below to see and hear what Lynn has to say.

Lynn Grodzki, L.C.S.W., M.C.C., a psychotherapist and master certified coach, is the author of Building Your Ideal Private Practice and Crisis-Proof Your Practice: How to Survive and Thrive in an Uncertain Economy. In this all-new webcast series, Lynn joins Joe Bavonese, Casey Truffo, Nicholas Cummings, Jeff Auerbach, and DeeAnna Nagel to help you master and make the most of the new realities of the mental health marketplace.

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New Opportunities in Today’s Mental Health Marketplace
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One Response to The Rewards Of More Direct Contact With Potential Clients

  1. Paul Sakol says:

    What your saying makes sense to me. Paul

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