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How To Follow Clients’ Subtle Clues To Deep Healing Places

Diana Fosha Shares An Example From Her Own Work

The shadow of a smile in the midst of tears, a momentary crinkle of the eyes in the wake of anger—hints of vitality such as these can be powerful clues to essential truths that a client may be totally unaware of.

According to Diana Fosha–originator of AEDP, Accelerated Experiential-Dynamic Psychotherapy–our work as therapists begins with “catching” the incongruity, mirroring it to the client, and embarking on an exploration of what it’s about.

In this quick video clip, Diana uses an example from her own practice of how this tactic can bring to light feelings and experiences the client may be completely unaware of. Click on the frame below to watch and listen.

This is just one example of what our Powered By Emotion webcast series has to offer. The series is filled with practical strategies for working with emotions to deepen therapeutic healing. It features 6 recognized experts in the field—Susan Johnson, Rick Hanson, Jay Efran, Ron Potter-Efron, Joan Klagsbrun, and Diana Fosha–and all 6 sessions are available right now.

Powered By Emotion:
New Strategies for Deepening Therapeutic Healing
All 6 Sessions Are Available Now.
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