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Defiance vs. Compliance — Two Faces Of Reactance

John Norcross Reviews The Different Approaches That Work With Each Extreme

Knowing where to start with a client is key to forging a successful therapeutic alliance, says John Norcross, author of Psychotherapy Relationships That Work.

That’s why assessing client characteristics is the cornerstone of John’s work and the theme of a recent conversation—part of our webcast series Tough Customers: Treating Clients with Challenging Issues.

In this video clip, John gives us his masterful, factual, clear, and compassionate take on reactance—what it is, how it’s different from resistance, the two extremes it can present as, and exactly how to begin with each extreme. All that in less than 3 minutes! Click on the video below to watch:

John Norcross is a professor of psychology and distinguished university fellow at the University of Scranton, a clinical psychologist, and editor of the Journal of Clinical Psychology: In Session. He’s the author, coauthor, and editor of many books and publications, including Psychotherapy Relationships That Work.

John joins Wendy Behary, Dick Schwartz, Janina Fisher, William Doherty, and Clifton Mitchell for the re-release of our popular streaming-video webcast series:

Tough Customers:
Treating Clients with Challenging Issues

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