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Helping Our Clients Move From Despair to Action with Mary Pipher

Today’s Wisdom: NP0029 – Session 5

Do you or your client want to lead lives that are more joyous, connected, and empowered? Join Mary Pipher as she helps therapists discover how to face challenges and open up to the wider world without being overwhelmed.

After the session, please let us know what you think. If you ever have any technical questions or issues, please feel free to email

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4 Responses to Helping Our Clients Move From Despair to Action with Mary Pipher

  1. gummo18 says:

    Thank you for expanding my moral imagination! (And my husband is from Omaha!)

  2. Garry Chrusch says:

    I enjoyed Mary Pipher’s presentation in that it looked at enviromental problems from both a micro and macro perspective. The emphasison on what can “I” do coupled with what can “we” do collectively is what connects us as humans beings. An essential ingredient of this process is the belief and hope that new possibilities exist in addressing global problems.

    Thank your Rich for your excellent interviewing skills and making this such a rewarding experience for me.

  3. mario says:

    I am a Therapy Networker junkie and am always urging colleagues to watch your webcasts. I think you would be doing us all a favor if you would let us share tonight’s broadcast with our friends, even those not in the field. I think what Mary said will strike a chord, plant a seed, whatever analogy works for you, and give people hope and motivation to do something. I think all of us “want to be involved in a process we find meaningful.” I work with preschoolers and I see it in them.

  4. Thank you. I know this bliss and awe growing up on a forest in Indiana. After this horrible tragedy in CN I realized we can find our involvement when we ask “what do you need.” That is the moment of opening to the universe, that human connection. It may have been that the universe is waking us all up to pay attention to the needs of our earth and society before we lose it. I grew up with Smokey the Bear and his story is true in the therapists office as well as the environment. I am so glad you are saying this. Thank you again and again. We will Win!!! Dr. Betty

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