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Overprotective Parenting with Michael Ungar

Parenting Skills: NP0027 – Bonus Session 1

Explore the effects that overprotective parenting can have on children with Michael Ungar, director of the Resilience Research Center and author of 11 books for therapists and children. Discover how parents can best offer children opportunities to experience risk and responsibility while ensuring their safety and give them boundaries without suffocating them, increasing their anxiety, or reinforcing their need for rebellion.

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One Response to Overprotective Parenting with Michael Ungar

  1. Harriet Elizabeth says:

    For the sake of parents can’t we also talk about the unprotected child and help parents find a middle way? The emphasis on the overprotected child makes some parents feel guilty when they want to know where their sixteen year old is or wonder if they should check the homework of their third grader. The one place you give guidance on how to make this balance is when you talked about speaking with parents about what their child needs to live in the 21st century..i.. Getting parents to think of their values and what their children will need to survive twenty or thirty years from now, I find helps them find the balance between being overprotective and yet their to guide their particular child.

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