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Help: Magazine


How do I subscribe or renew my subscription?

Your magazine subscription is separate from an online account. To subscribe to the magazine, please go to, hover your mouse over the “Magazine” heading and click “Subscribe Now.” To renew your subscription, hover your mouse over the “Magazine” heading and click “Renew Now.”
If you have any questions about your magazine subscription, please e-mail our subscription department at 

Reading the magazine online

Currently, the current issue and recent issues of the magazine are available online for anyone to access. Eventually, we will be locking down these issues and creating an online magazine subscription. For now, you can read these issues by going to, hovering your mouse over the “Magazine” heading, and clicking on either “Current Issue” or “Recent Issues.” 

Magazine Archives 

As part of your magazine subscription you have access to past magazine articles, going back to 1992. 
  1. To access the archives, please go to, hover your mouse over the “Magazine” heading and click on “Archives.” 
  2. Click “Networker Subscriber.”
  3. Enter your last name, e-mail address, and subscriber code. 

Mailing in Magazine Quizzes 

You can mail in magazine quizzes going back as far as 2000. Send your quiz and payment to 
Networker CE Quiz

PO Box 1477

Washington Grove, MD 20880-1477
or fax with credit card information to 301-977-4818. 

Taking a Magazine Quiz Online 

You can also take magazine quizzes online. First you must have an online account. Please log in, hover your mouse over the “Learning CEs” heading, and click on “Magazine Quizzes" to purchase a quiz online. To access the quiz online you have purchased it, go to and log in. Hover your mouse over the "My Purchases" heading and go down to "Magazine Quizzes." To the right, click on the issue that you wish to take the quiz for. 
For help printing out your certificate, click here