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Help: Daily/Free Reports


What is the difference between the Daily and an online account?  

The Daily is a free e-newsletter of clinical perspectives, helpful techniques, and creative approaches to improve your practice. The Daily is a separate site, and can be accessed by going to and clicking on the "Daily" heading at the top of the page.  The Daily is an educational resource for the community, while online accounts allow people to learn online. With two different systems, it is possible to have two different log-ins. E-mail if you would like to integrate and have the same log-in for each system. 

What are free reports? 

Free reports are downloadable blogs generated from past Daily e-newsletters. You can browse all free reports here.  

How do I sign up for the Daily? 

To sign up for the Daily, please click here. You can select to receive the Daily every day, a week in review only on Friday, or the spotlight just for special events.  

How do I log into the Daily? 

  1. Go to and click on the “Daily” heading at the top of the screen. 
  2. On the right-hand side of the screen there is a gray box called “MY DAILY LOGIN.” Enter your username and password and click “Login.”

How do I change my e-mail preferences and/or update my password? 

To adjust the e-mails that you receive, log in and click “My Daily” at the top of the screen. Under “New Password,” you can enter a new password. Under “Email Newsletters,” you can edit the types of e-mails that you wish to receive. Click “Update Profile” to save your edits. The "Psychotherapy Networker Daily" option is a daily e-mail with new blogs. The "Psychotherapy Networker Week in Review" is a Friday e-mail summarizing the week's posts. The "Psychotherapy Networker Spotlight" is e-mails for special occasions and events.