Empowering Today’s Parental Authority Figures

Ron Taffel on What Families Can't Function Without

The days of children being seen and not heard are long gone–a change that’s welcome in most modern families. Now, however, kids and teens are increasingly expressing themselves through extensive online social networks, which open them up to new spheres of influence that challenge parental authority in an unprecedented way.

Held hostage by the fear of pushing their children further into a family-supplanting youth culture, parents struggle to emotionally support their children while also challenging problematic behaviors with moral guidance. As therapists, we need to be able to exercise our own authority in helping parents confront their fears and step up to the plate.

That’s why we included child-rearing expert and Childhood Unbound author Ron Taffel’s webcast session from our parenting webcast series in our State of the Art virtual conference. His non-blaming, empowering approach to helping parents directly addresses the blurred lines of authority that are making our clients feel disempowered and anxious. In this quick clip, he discusses the therapist’s role in dealing with the lack of essential authority in today’s families:

Beyond the question of authority, therapists and clients are also challenged by cultural shifts in family life that raise new questions about commitment, marriage, remarriage, loyalty, and intimacy. That’s why, in addition to Taffel’s session, State of the Art features a range of voices in Family Therapy.

Join us for this online event and get access to Sherry Turkle’s take on the impact of constant digital communication on family relationships, Esther Perel’s experiences with helping clients heal from infidelity, and Martha Straus’s approach to improving the dynamics of blended families. You’ll also have a chance to explore the rest of our 40 events, which cover the latest in neuroscience and attachment research, trauma treatment, integrative mental health, and more topics relevant to your practice.

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