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The Secrets of Supershrinks: Pathways to Clinical Excellence

Discover the habits and practices of the most effective clinicians, or “supershrinks,” and what we can learn from them to help improve our own work.

Helping Today’s Parents: How to Build a Parent Community

Discover how modern-day parents are finding help and support in parent community groups, and the role that therapists can play to help bolster the effectiveness and education of these groups.

Attachment Theory vs. Temperament: Treating Attachment Disorder in Adults

Do you have trouble connecting with clients that suffer from attachment disorders? After three decades of dominance in cognitive approaches—motivational and emotional processes have come back into the limelight.

Somatic Therapy: Using the Mind-Body Connection to Get Results

Discover how a mind-body approach to therapy can help you reach greater emotional depths with clients. Then, learn how to track you and your clients’ bodily reactions in each session.

Ethics in Therapy: Defining Professional Boundaries

We all know the importance of behaving ethically with clients, but have you ever considered the importance of sharing the reasoning for your ethical vision with them?

Teen Therapy: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Treating teenagers is a unique challenge—they’re no longer children, but they’re not quite adults, so what’s the best way to approach them? And why are so many teens resistant to receiving therapy?

Principles of Psychotherapy Marketing: The Pink Spoon Method

Discover how to take control of your business and let go of the limiting fee-for-service therapy model. Then, learn how to use the internet to build multiple sources of income that can sustain you in any economic climate.