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Pat OgdenBonnie Goldstein Pat Ogden & Bonnie Goldstein
Friday All Day •
Psychotherapy is often called the talking cure, but for children and adolescents, words are often insufficient by themselves. A sensorimotor approach, using techniques that employ play, movement, and sensory feelings, as well as words, can be more effective
Diane Poole Heller Diane Poole Heller • Thursday All Day

Attachment disturbances begin imprinting in the body and nervous system before infants have the benefit of words or concepts. It’s this preverbal, subpsychological aspect that highlights the importance of emphasizing bottom-up interventions to help shift deeply held patterns in the body that talk therapy can’t cure. Somatic Attachment processing

Lynn GrodzkiLynn Grodzki • Thursday All Day

Just starting out? Welcome to the New Professionals Community---our instant confidence-booster, dedicated to helping you feel comfortable within the therapy community. We’ll have interactive discussions, led by a senior therapist and national business coach, that’ll expand your understanding of clinical issues and provide an overview

Etienne WengerBeverly Trayner Etienne Wenger and Beverly Trayner
Thursday All Day •
It’s a paradox that while, as practitioners, we encourage our clients to build connections with others, too often we feel isolated ourselves from our own professional community. Yet being part of a community of fellow practitioners provides a sense of support
Judith Matz Judith Matz • Thursday All Day

Do you have a diet mentality of “good” and “bad” foods that creates anxiety and takes up lots of mental energy? This workshop will teach you how to use the concept of Attuned Eating to arrive at a place where physical and emotional well-being is more than the number on the scale. We’ll begin by understanding what it means to be an Attuned Eater who

Elizabeth Doherty Thomas Elizabeth Doherty Thomas • Thursday All Day

Are you stumped by the ins and outs of making your website friendlier? Scratching your head about how to interact more easily with the latest social networking tools people are talking about? Confused about how to phrase an online search query to get a trustworthy answer? Or just plain intimidated by the bells and whistles of over-engineered websites?

Dick Anderson Dick Anderson • Thursday All Day

Evocative photographs can create a bridge between the outside world and our inner journey, and writing about these photographs can further illuminate paths to personal discovery. In this workshop, we’ll explore our relationship to the natural world through photographing the sights and landscapes we discover in Rock Creek Park, the lovely refuge

Amy Weintraub Amy Weintraub • Thursday All Day

Often, to protect ourselves from the exhaustion and anxiety endemic to our culture, we hide behind our professional armor and social mask, losing our sense of connection to others and our deepest selves. We’ll use this day of simple, accessible movement, yoga breathing, and meditation to prepare ourselves for the fullness of the Symposium.

Howard Richmond Howard Richmond • Thursday All Day

Do you know all of Seinfeld’s routines by heart? When you hear Ellen DeGeneres speak, do you feel like she’s your long lost twin? If you’ve ever dreamed of wielding a microphone at a standup comedy club, this light-hearted, experiential workshop is for you---it’ll sharpen your wits, free up your mind, and bring into focus the best coping tool we have.

Anh-Huong NguyenThu Nguyen Anh-Huong Nguyen and Thu Nguyen

Thursday All Day • Mindfulness meditation can help us reduce stress, manage pain, and expand our capacity to joyfully embrace life. This workshop, led by teachers ordained by Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh, will introduce you to the art

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