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Daniel HughesJonathan Baylin Daniel Hughes and Jonathan Baylin
Friday All Day •
Decent, caring, stressed-out parents in conflict with their kids sometimes feel they don’t even like their children. In this workshop, we’ll present an innovative, neuroscientific approach, based on the workings of five integrated brain systems involved
Terry Real Terry Real • Friday All Day

Many hard-pressed therapists believe the best they can do is help the couple take their relationship from abysmal to okay. This workshop will present Relational Life Therapy (RLT), an approach that counters that conventional view. RLT focuses on helping each partner move below the childish “first consciousness” feelings of anger, self-righteous indignation,

Diane Poole Heller Diane Poole Heller • Friday All Day

As therapists, we know all too well that a traumatic or life-threatening experience can leave individuals with a hypersensitive fight/flight/freeze response---a physical imprint that can continue to live in the body long after the actual event has passed. This workshop will present a comprehensive overview of the Somatic Experiencing approach

Christopher Germer Christopher Germer • Friday All Day

The terms compassion and wisdom have rich associations with both the spiritual and healing traditions. In this workshop, we’ll look at the modern convergence of Eastern contemplative practice and Western scientific psychology that’s revived these traditional concepts. We’ll highlight ways in which older wisdom traditions can provide a larger perspective to

Janina Fisher Janina Fisher • Friday All Day

As therapists, we like to think that the primary antidote to clients’ feelings of self-loathing, shame, and personal worthlessness is our own demonstration to them of our total acceptance, unconditional positive regard, and confident hope in the therapeutic outcome. Unfortunately, many clients are so alienated from some despised part or parts of themselves---

Terence Gorski Terence Gorski • Friday All Day

Addiction and relapse are demanding and bewildering issues, often leaving therapists unsure of what to do. This workshop will present a comprehensive overview of treatment, recovery, and relapse. You’ll learn that relapse is a process with 11 identifiable steps in the downward spiral and participate in a skills training that will explain the dynamics

Friday Morning Keynote with Andrew Weil

A Vision of Integrative Mental Health

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Friday Luncheon Address with Scott Miller

Charting Your Path to Clinical Excellence

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35th Anniversary Dinner Event with Rich Simon

The Way We Were---the Way We Are, 1978--2012


Saturday Morning Keynote with Mary Pipher

Facing the Challenge of 21st-Century Activism


Saturday Dinner Event with Daniel Siegel, Mary Pipher, and William Doherty

Therapists in the Movies


Sunday Morning Keynote with Daniel Siegel

Does Understanding the Brain Make Us Wiser?

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Thursday Evening Welcome Event

Daniel LevenJody Wager Dancing with Your Brain
Daniel Leven and Jody Wager

In this lively event, body therapist Daniel Leven and dance therapist Jody Wager use movement to engage your creativity and open new learning channels to prime you for a fuller, more exhilarating Symposium experience. No video available.


Saturday Luncheon Address

Pat Ogden Body Wisdom, Lost and Found
Pat Ogden

Pat Ogden, a clinical innovator at the forefront of incorporating bodywork in psychotherapy for more than 30 years, will explore how therapists can become both less word-bound and more present to their clients. No video available. Click here to read or comment on the blog.


Mary Jo BarrettLinda Stone Fish Mary Jo Barrett & Linda Stone Fish
Friday All Day •
No two traumas are identical, nor does everyone respond identically in treatment---which accounts for the abundance of interventions and approaches that exist. But given the many strategies to choose from, how do you assess which therapeutic style
James Gordon James Gordon • Friday All Day

Although many therapists are hesitant to step out of the comfort zone of conventional talk therapy to incorporate somatic and mindfulness-based techniques into a more comprehensive and collaborative model of therapy, that may be where the future of therapy lies. In this workshop, we’ll explore a comprehensive mind-body approach to treatment, in which the therapist

Richard Schwartz Richard Schwartz • Friday All Day

In recent years, while mindfulness has become omnipresent in psychotherapy, too often clinicians have adopted a passive-observer form of witness consciousness, believing it’s enough just to help clients observe thoughts and emotions from a place of separation and extend acceptance toward them. This workshop will provide a comprehensive overview

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