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John Preston John Preston • Friday Afternoon

With so many questions and controversies about the effectiveness of psychopharmacological interventions, there couldn’t be a better time to sort through what we know on the subject. This workshop will present a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in psychopharmacology, provide a context for understanding and treating clients

Margaret Wehrenberg Margaret Wehrenberg • Friday Morning

The impact of Asperger’s Disorder (AD) on communication and conflict in intimate relationships has, for the most part, been overlooked. But with almost one percent of children today diagnosed as being on the Asperger’s/autism spectrum, and with increasing numbers of adults only now being identified as having AD, it’s a factor that can no longer be ignored.

Ross FordAlford Laws Ross Ford and Alford Laws • Friday Morning

In the late 1960s, Salvador Minuchin and his team trained local community members in an unconventional therapeutic approach to working with troubled inner-city families, revolutionizing the psychotherapy field. Now, 40 years later, in much tougher economic

Joe Kort Joe Kort • Friday Morning

After nearly 30 years of batting about terms like sexual addiction and sexual compulsivity to describe out-of-control sexual behavior, the panel for DSM-5 is considering formally recognizing hypersexual disorder. Yet therapists generally remain confused about the different behaviors that distinguish hypersexuality. This workshop will teach you

Terry Hargrave Terry Hargrave • Friday Morning

With more people living into their eighties and beyond, more boomer-aged retirees are finding themselves taking on the new and challenging job of caring for aging parents. This workshop presents a comprehensive view of how to help your clients address the impact that becoming the caregiver for an aging parent can have on their own physical and emotional health,

Tammy Nelson Tammy Nelson • Friday Morning

For anyone looking to meet someone, the Internet and online dating sites is the new normal, whether for good or bad. It’s no wonder the cyber-dating world can feel confusing or overwhelming to our clients seeking a relationship. For anyone starting out or starting over at midlife, this new territory can be overwhelming, at best. Yet, if we ourselves aren’t familiar

Richard Brown and Patricia Gerbarg Richard Brown and Patricia Gerbarg
Friday Morning •
Attention deficit disorder (ADD) is multifaceted, so it requires a multimodal therapy approach for each client to attain the highest level of functioning. In this workshop, we’ll explore how environment, genetics, and neurotransmitters contribute to problems of inattention, hypoarousal, reward deficiency, deficient self-regulation, and learning disabilities for clients with ADD and
Reid Wilson Reid Wilson • Friday Morning

Chronically anxious clients, who continually scan their world for potential catastrophes they feel incapable of facing, tend not to be good students of mindfulness training. They’re in too aroused a state---hearts pumping, mouths dry, brains unable to think clearly---to settle down and meditate. Paradoxically, they can learn to turn their anxious energy into

Michele Weiner-Davis Michele Weiner-Davis • Friday Morning

If you work with couples, you’re no stranger to infidelity, and because healing from infidelity is challenging, it behooves us to have a clear roadmap of the territory. In this workshop, we’ll go over an array of post-affair issues, including ways to deal with intense emotions, whether to discuss the details of the betrayal, whether to insist that the affair be ended, how to help partners

Joan Klagsbrun Joan Klagsbrun • Friday Morning

Many therapists are drawn to Positive Psychology with its emphasis on paying attention to what’s good in life, gratitude, and optimism, but don’t know how convert these attitudes into clinical interventions. In this workshop, you’ll learn an approach based on Focusing, a body-mind method devised by psychologist Eugene Gendlin, which encourages clients

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