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William Doherty William Doherty • Saturday All Day

Even as skilled, veteran therapists, we can find ourselves clumsily blundering through certain awkward clinical situations---a client gets angry at us, flatly rejects our brilliant interventions, or questions our competence. With couples, one partner may hog all the air time or refuse to consider the possibility that he or she may need to change, too.

Ronald Alexander Ronald Alexander • Saturday All Day

Trauma lives in our bodies, as well as in our minds---and so does healing. This workshop will explore the psychophysiological aspects of trauma and healing, providing specific tools to help shift clients away from the frozen, high-alert psychophysiological state characteristic of trauma and activate the healing-conducive

Rubin Naiman Rubin Naiman • Saturday All Day

An Integrative Approach to Mental Health
The historical view of body and mind as separate entities has led to a segregation of medical and mental healthcare. Based on the work of Andrew Weil, this workshop introduces the emerging field of integrative mental health (IMH) to help heal this body-mind rift. It’s no longer sufficient for

Wendy Behary Wendy Behary • Saturday All Day

It’s good for a therapist to be an accepting, empathic listener, but getting stuck in the “nice” gear can restrict your ability to ask challenging questions, set limits, provide reality checks, or speak important truths. This workshop will teach you how to expand your clinical repertoire beyond nice. We’ll address the discomfort, fears, and desire to be liked

Amy Banks Amy Banks • Saturday All Day

We’re engulfed by a culture whose major media messages encourage us to be competitive, independent, and materialistic---even though the innate biology of our nervous system functions best when we work together in supportive, cooperative, and connected groups. This workshop will focus on how an understanding of brain functioning can help

Ellyn Bader and Peter Pearson Ellyn Bader & Peter Pearson • Saturday All Day

Research tells us that we’re hardwired to connect: we learn, develop, and respond emotionally in relationship to others. Yet while a high percentage of individuals in therapy have big issues with their partners, most therapists still work with the individual. Is this because our clients are reluctant to enter therapy with their partners or because we hesitate

Michael Lambert Michael Lambert • Saturday All Day

Yes, it’s time to measure client progress---and doing so will benefit both your clients and your practice. Clients whose mental health functioning is improving are far likelier to stay the course and benefit from therapy. Those who are experiencing worsening are likely to leave treatment worse off. How can you effectively monitor mental health vital signs?

Pat Ogden Pat Ogden • Saturday All Day

Each of us possesses an implicit self, expressed and known to ourselves and others through nonverbal, sensory and motor means, including our stance, posture, gestures, and facial expressions. This workshop will explore the rich somatic component that drives human behavior and show you how to tap into this implicit self in your clinical practice.

Doug Silsbee Doug Silsbee • Friday Afternoon

We know someone has presence when we see it. But what is it, really, and how do you coach someone to develop it? This workshop will provide you with an experience of presence both as a resourceful inner state and an extension of that inner state to others that invites them to feel freer, more comfortable, and more alive in our company. In this workshop, we’ll focus

Janis Abrahms Spring Janis Abrahms Spring • Friday Afternoon

Even the most experienced therapist can feel overwhelmed by couples struggling with infidelity. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to help couples transcend the trauma of infidelity and feel less hopeless, crazy, self-righteous, and alone. We’ll discuss a radical model for managing secrets and helping partners decide how much information about the affair to disclose.

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