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Educating Theresa

Sometimes therapy means total commitment

By James Gordon

Facebook and Your Practice

Developing your social-networking savvy

By Joe Bavonese

The Age of the Über–Parent

Can science really help us raise better adjusted kids?

By Richard Handler

Welcome to the new era of brain-based therapy

By John Arden and Lloyd Linford

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Learn From the Field's Leaders

with Scott Miller, Etienne Wenger, Barry Duncan, Michael Lambert, Robbie Babins-Wagner, and William Pinsof
6 Sessions, 6 CEs. Read More
Learn From the Field's Leaders

with William Doherty, Terry Real, Harville Hendrix, Susan Johnson, Michele Weiner-Davis, and bonus session with John Gottman
6 Sessions, 6 CEs. Read More
Learn From the Field's Leaders

with Judith Matz, Judith Beck, Linda Bacon, and Geneen Roth
4 Sessions, 4 CEs. Read More
Learn From the Field's Leaders

with Mary Jo Barrett, Ofer Zur, Clifton Mitchell, William Doherty, and Steven Frankel
5 Sessions, 6 CEs. Read More
Beyond Pills: Experiential Psychotherapy
With Depressive Clients.

Learn about helping depressed clients change their thought patterns, reconnect with social networks – all without antidepressants! Read More
New Perspectives on Trauma Treatment

with Francine Shapiro, Pat Ogden, Laurie Leitch, David Feinstein, Donald Meichenbaum
5 Sessions, 6 CEs, MP3s.
Read More

Networker: Your Online Learning Resource

For years, Psychotherapy Networker has provided you with access to thought-provoking writing and research from the field’s most respected colleagues and lecturers. Through our award-winning publication, our annual symposium in Washington D.C., and our innovative web-based learning, the Networker attempts to consistently provide you with continued learning materials that are adequate for the ever-changing field of psychology. Call or click for more information.
We know that you have to receive your continuing education from an approved source and that’s why Psychotherapy Networker works hard to meet the criteria necessary to provide continuing education for psychologists. The American Psychological Association recognizes us for offering quality, up-to-date continued learning. We constantly update our website with new curricula. We are continually looking for cutting-edge courses to give you optimal selection at enrollment time, but we also want our courses to merit that necessary stamp of approval. Check our approvals list to see which organizations support our curriculum.
At the Networker we know that your time as a psychologist is better spent on your work than on searching for appropriate course credits. We make continuing education for psychologists simple so you can focus more attention on your research or on your busy practice. Our online reading courses are available any time you need them. All you have to do is choose the course that interests you and fill out a simple online registration form. Once you have submitted your information, you’ll be able to log in to the course any time you choose to download course articles and eventually take the quiz. Upon passing, your CE Certificate will be available for you to download. You’ll for yourself how straightforward our program really is when you log in for the first time.
Continuing education for psychologists can be time consuming, and we understand that your time is valuable. Through our extensive audio programming you can get away from your desk and learn in the car — or while cooking dinner! Just log in to Networker online and choose a course that interests you. We’ll get it to you in the mail and let you enjoy the convenience of listening at your own leisure. For our audio courses, we record a popular Psychotherapy Networker telecourse in its entirety. After you’ve listened to the course, you can access the quiz online and get your CE certificate right away.
Continuing education for psychologists doesn’t have to be difficult. Access Psychotherapy Networker online today to start your American Psychological Association approved CE experience.

A409: Applying the Science of Happiness in the Consulting Room

Bring the research-based principles of Positive Psychology (not the same as mere “positive thinking") into your practice to help your clients feel more purpose, meaning, gratitude, and appreciation in their lives. Click here for full course description.

Bill O'Hanlon
Clip Length: 06:14

Listen Now:

Download Now: Right-Click Here To Download (3.0MB)
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the link above and select "Save Target As..."

A223: Breaking Through to Teens

Find out what you don’t know about 21st-century teens and how to build a coherent, reality-based treatment model that’ll enable you to connect with even the most adult-dismissive, therapy-resistant adolescent. Click here for full course description.

Ron Taffel, Ph.D.
Clip Length: 06:07

Listen Now:

Download Now: Right-Click Here To Download (8.8MB)
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A214 Erotic Intelligence: Reconciling Sensuality and Domesticity

Learn to help couples find that “sweet spot,” combining both hot sex and loving intimacy, by coaching them to move beyond their comfort zones into a more exciting, genuinely adult, sexuality. Click here for full course description.

Ester Perel, M.A.
Clip Length: 53:27

Listen Now:

Download Now: Right-Click Here To Download (51.2MB)
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