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Out Of The Comfort Zone: My Most Challenging Case

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professional development

In this unusual course, six noted clinicians examine what happens when a client challenges the therapist's core assumptions about change and forces him or her to step out of their comfort zone.

Each article in Reading Course 119 probes the issue of what can be learned from cases that don't go according to plan.


Here's What Reading Course R119, Out of the Comfort Zone, Covers:

  • Warning signs of being overinvolved with clients.
  • The boundary between being a professional helper and a savior.
  • How to work long-term with very difficult children.
  • The distinction between friendship and therapeutic responsibility.
  • Ways to overcome difficulties due to differing values.
  • The clinical value of being more obstinate than your client.

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R119 Out of the Comfort Zone Course Readings

My Most Spectacular Failure: Voluntary Simplicity Meets Shop till You Drop by Mary Pipher

How Involved Is Too Involved?” Twenty-two Years and Still Wondering by David Treadway

A Matter of Life and Death: When the Therapist Becomes the Survivor by Frank Pittman

Small Winnings: Learning from a Therapist's Nightmare by Martha Straus

The Godfather Strategy: Finding the Offer a Client Can't Refuse by Cloe Madanes

Therapist, Colleague, or Friend: Stretching the Boundaries of the Therapeutic Relationship by Lascelles Black

2 CE Hours • $29

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The content of this course is at the introductory - intermediate level.