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Psychotherapy For The New Adolescent

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Almost all our assumptions and expectations about teens today are outdated, as well as our therapy models for treating teens. This course provides the updated information you need in order to help your modern teen clients.

Reading Course R111 brings together Ron Taffel's series of groundbreaking articles from over the past decade, laying out a model for therapy that blends relationship and action, based on what teens are actually like today.

Here's What Reading Course R111, Psychotherapy for the New Adolescent, Covers:

  • How to give advice in ways that kids can hear.
  • How to effectively involve parents in treatment.
  • How to deal with issues of confidentiality.
  • How to integrate family and individual work with the teenager.
  • The impact of the "second family" on adolescents.

3 CE Credits • $39

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R111 Psychotherapy for the New Adolescent Course Readings

Discovering Our Children: The Connection between Anonymity and Rage in Today's Kids by Ron Taffel

Confronting the New Anxiety: How Therapists Can Help Today's Fearful Kids
by Ron Taffel

The Wall of Silence: Reinventing Therapy to Reach the New Teens
by Ron Taffel

New Rules for Working with Adolescents
by Ron Taffel

The Second Family: A Teen's Peer Group Is a Rich Resource for Family Therapists
by Ron Taffel

3 CE Credits • $39

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The content of this course is at the introductory - intermediate level.