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Beyond Psychology: Expanding Our Models Of Consciousness And Change

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Psychotherapy is being transformed by the unprecedented convergence of new scientific findings and ancient healing traditions. Discover the practical applications of these new and old techniques in this course.

Therapists today incorporate neuroscience research, mind-body healing strategies and spiritual practices into respected psychological insights. Only thorugh such a mosaic of knowledge can we seek to fully serve our clients in all their depth and complexity. Reading Course R105 explores how therapists can incorporate a broader frame of meaning and personal identity into their work.

Here's What Reading Course R105, Beyond Psychology, Covers:

  • The meaning of "enlightenment" and it's place in a therapist's consulting room.
  • The role of practicing meditation in therapy.
  • How cultivating our inner Self can reconnect us with our fundamental core and transform therapy.
  • Step-by-step applications of the "Tao of Therapy" in the consulting room.
  • How dualistic thinking separates us from experience, according to Richard Schwartz.
  • The value of Jon Kabat-Zinn's combination of eastern practices with mainstream of western health care.

3 CE Hours • $39

R105 Beyond Psychology Course Readings

The Power of Attention: What Jon Kabat-Zinn Has against "Spirituality" by Mary Sykes Wylie

Enlightenment Reframed: When East Meets West in the Consulting Room by Walter Truett Anderson

The Larger Self: Discovering the Core within Our Multiplicity by Richard Schwartz

The Tao of Therapy: Helping Clients Experience Their Inner Freedom by Douglas Flemons

Bringing the Mystery Back by Jeffrey Kottler

3 CE Hours • $39

The content of this course is at the introductory - intermediate level.