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The Frontiers Of Trauma Treatment: New Approaches To PTSD, Complex Trauma And More

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trauma The field of trauma therapy has developed rapidly in the last 25 years, altering our understanding of post-traumatic responses with profound clinical implications for how we can best serve our clients.

Explore the latest findings about the impact of trauma on the brain and learn about the new therapeutic methods that are transforming traditional approaches to trauma treatment. This reading course not only discusses the latest developments, but also how to integrate new techniques into your practice.

Here's What Reading Course R101, The Frontiers of Trauma Treatment, Covers:

  • How Bessel van der Kolk and others are transforming the understanding of trauma and exploring new approaches to trauma treatment.
  • Proven approaches that focus on mobilizing somatic resources in working with trauma and PTSD victims rather than the "talking cure."
  • Distinct and definable stages of trauma recovery and how to track healing progress for you and your client.
  • How restoring a sense of a healthy physical self can foster connection and deepen the process of healing from trauma.

3 CE Hours • $39

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R101 Frontiers of Trauma Treatment Course Readings

The Limits of Talk: Bessel van der Kolk Wants to Transform the Treatment of Trauma by Mary Sykes Wylie

The Politics of PTSD: How a Controversial Diagnosis Battled Its Way into DSM by Mary Sykes Wylie

Applying the Brakes: In Trauma Treatment, Creating Safety Is Essential by Babette Rothschild

Reclaiming the Self: One Woman's Refusal to Allow a Nightmare to Define Her Life by Janice Goldfein

Stages of Recovery: Principles of Effective Treatment by Janice Goldfein

Dangers of Empathy: Understanding the Keys to Vicarious Traumatization by Babette Rothschild

3 CE Hours • $39

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The content of this course is at the introductory - intermediate level.