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The New Face Of America: Perspectives On The Immigrant Debate

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Ongoing bitter debates about immigration reveal that, even in our “enlightened” society, ethnic and national divisions can still evoke the raw and malign power of nativism. This course will guide you through a addressing these complex problems.

While America grows complex in ethnicity and nationality, psychotherapy adheres to a model of therapy that assumes a client base of largely European origin. In Reading Course R142, we explore the increasingly complex culture of American society and how these various identities shape the kinds of problems many clients bring to therapy.

Here's What Reading Course R142, The New Face of America, Covers:

  • How the intersection of personal and group identity has changed in America, and how it’s continuing to evolve.
  • The impact of America’s identity crisis on immigrant culture.
  • How to help clients who are struggling to find themselves while bereft of the families, traditional customs, cultural values, and status they left behind. Learn about the difficult experience of Asian immigrants who don’t fit the image of the idealized “model minority.”
  • The three ways that Asian Americans are under stress to “prove themselves.”

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R142 The New Face of America Course Readings

The New Social Mind: Immigration and Our National Identity Crisis by Michael Ventura

The Immigrant’s Odyssey: Trauma, Loss, and the Promise of Healing by Priska Imberti

Living Up to the American Dream: The Price of Being the Model Immigrants by Tazuko Shibusawa

3 CE Hours • $39

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The content of this course is at the introductory - intermediate level.