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Supershrinks: Who Are They? What Can We Learn From Them?

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professional development

According to the standard wisdom, the greatest therapists—the “supershrinks”—are born not made. Discover how you can defy this by learning some simple techniques from them that will improve your practice.

Reading Course R139 explains that, in fact, the best therapists all engage in certain simple practices that virtually guarantee success.

Here's What Reading Course R139, Supershrinks, Covers:

  • Why some therapists are different from other, less successful, therapists (it’s not training, experience, theory, personality style, or even talent!).
  • What successful therapists do that gives them superior results.
  • How using a few simple feedback measures—plus paying close attention to your failures—can make you a better therapist.
  • Why using these same feedback techniques can even be therapeutic, helping to transform “impossible” clients into clinical success stories.

2 CE Hours • $29

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R139 Supershrinks Course Readings

Supershrinks: What’s the Secret of Their Success? by Scott Miller et al.

How Being Bad Can Make You Better: Developing a Culture of Feedback In Your Practice by Barry Duncan et al.

But Will It Help “Those” Clients? by Cynthia Maeschalk et al.

2 CE Hours • $29

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The content of this course is at the introductory - intermediate level.