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Experiencing The Present Moment

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For decades, therapists have sought to help their clients change--their relationships, their careers, their personalities. This course explains that now many practitioners actually want to help their clients accept their current reality.

Reading Course R134 will guide you through step-by-step instructions for helping your clinets shift towards acceptance.

Here's What Reading Course R134, Experiencing the Present Moment, Covers:

  • Themes of the fully-conscious self including time, memory, courage, and the paradoxical quality of “doing” nothing.
  • Dan Seigels's practical steps for helping your clients relieve their frustrations of trying to tune in to the chaotic jumble thought.
  • Why our brains are wired for distraction as an ancient way to protect us from predators.
  • How to help your anxious clients discover that by not resisting the present moment, they can find a way out of their suffering.
  • The effects of meditation and other spiritual practices on therapy.
  • How accepting our unpleasant thoughts and feelings helps us become braver, more serene, happier, and can even enhance performance.

3 CE Hours • $39

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R134 Experiencing the Present Moment Course Readings

Appointments with Yourself: Don’t Mistake Your Schedule for Your Life by Michael Ventura

A Week of Silence: Quieting the Mind and Liberating the Self by Daniel Siegel

The Precarious Present: Why Is It So Hard To Stay In the Moment? by Robert Scaer

Facing Our Worst Fears: Finding the Courage to Stay In the Moment by Reid Wilson

Finding Flow: Embracing Your Worst Can Bring Out Your Best by Douglas Flemons

Hello, Darkness: Discovering Our Values by Confronting Our Fears by Steven Hayes

3 CE Hours • $39

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The content of this course is at the introductory - intermediate level.