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Therapy With 21st-Century Teens

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Doing therapy with teens has always been a challenge--they are constantly bombarded by pop culture. This course will provide you with a step-by-step guide for getting through to them and establishing healing relationships.

As you’ll discover in Reading Course R132, you have to forego the old constraints of traditional therapy to make any impression on these easily-bored kids.

Here's What Reading Course R132, Therapy with 2st Century Teens, Covers:

  • Ron Taffel's strategy for helping these kids discover their passions, and how it combats pop culture’s “tyranny of cool."
  • The risks and rewards of MySpace for today’s teens.
  • 10 tips for dealing with difficult adolescent girls, and how to understand the mystifying logic of self-injury among them.
  • The important differences in working with teenage boys and teenage girls.
  • A strategy to use when your teen clients give you the silent treatment.
  • How to respond to teenage anger; countering kids’ intensity with your own--literally, giving it as well as taking it.
  • The different “cut-offs” that teens experience.
  • The problem of launching “adult-child stay-at-homes”--kids in their early twenties who cling to a protracted adolescence.

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R132 Therapy with 21st Century Teens Course Readings

The Divided Self: Inside the World of 21st-Century Teens by Ron Taffel

Cyberspaced: Hanging Out With the In Crowd on by Mary Sykes Wylie

Lost in Electronica: Today’s Media Culture Is Leaving Boys at a Loss For Words by Adam Cox

Hungry for Connection: 10 Ways To Improve Your Therapy with Adolescent Girls by Martha Straus

The Logic of Self-Injury: A Teen Symptom for Our Time by Martha Straus

Hallway Therapy: Systems Thinking Goes to the Classroom by David Seaburn

Pathologizing for Dollars: The Rise of the AD/HD Diagnosis by Lawrence Diller

Mission Possible: The Art of Engaging Tough Teens by Mathew Selekman

Measure for Measure: How to Engage an Angry Teen by Victor Shklyarevsky et al.

Failure to Launch: The Struggle To Leave Home in the 21st Century by Terry Hargrave

4 CE Hours • $49

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The content of this course is at the introductory - intermediate level.