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The Science Of Happiness: Perspectives On Positive Psychology

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Positive psychology seeks to provide a science of happiness grounded in research on how to live a more meaningful life. Discover systematic, step-by-step guidelines for helping your clients live more positive lives in this course.

Reading Course R126 is explores positive psychology, and links the emerging science of happiness and therapeutic practice.

Here's What Reading Course R126, The Science of Happiness, Covers:

  • Positive psychology founder Martin Seligman's thoughts in an interview conducted by Richard Simon.
  • The curriculum of happiness as proposed by positive psychology.
  • What distinguishes people who thrive in the face of adversity.
  • How to help clients practice a positive approach to personal transformation as a daily habit.
  • 3 applications of positive psychology in daily life.

3 CE Hours • $39

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R126 The Science of Happiness Course Readings

20 Weeks to Happiness: Can a Course in Positive Psychology Change Your Life? by Richard Handler

Why Is This Man Smiling? A Self-Described Grouch Is Trying to Turn Happiness into a Science by Mary Sykes Wylie

Living on Purpose by Katy Butler

The Beethoven Factor: The People Who Thrive in the Face of Extreme Adversity May Surprise You by Paul Pearsall

The Practice of Transformation: With Ben and Roz Zander, Breakthroughs Are the Norm by Richard Simon

3 CE Hours • $39

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The content of this course is at the introductory - intermediate level.