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Masters Of Family Therapy, Part 2

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Following the first generation of pioneers, another group of inspired clinicians and innovators emerged to expand family therapy. Learn about the distinctive contributions these more recent figures made to the field.

Reading Course R122 captures the major insights made my such experts as Mara Selvini Palazolli, the Women's Project in Family Therapy, Cloe Madanes, Michael White, and Mary Pipher.

Here's What Reading Course R122, Masters of Family Therapy, Part 2, Covers:

  • Palazzoli's theory of schizophrenia.
  • Three issues that were the Women's Project's main focus of attention.
  • Madanes's theory of the purpose of symptoms.
  • How Michael White's use of questions in therapy can be applied in the consulting room.

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R122 Masters of Family Therapy, Part 2 Course Readings

Good-bye Paradox, Hello Invariant Prescription: An Interview with Mara Selvini Palazolli by Richard Simon

Cloe Madanes: Behind the One-Way Kaleidoscope by Richard Simon

Fearless Foursome: An Interview with the Women's Project by Richard Simon

Panning for Gold: Meticulous Prospecting Is at the Heart of Michael White's Approach to Therapy by Mary Sykes Wylie

The Family Unplugged: An Interview with Mary Pipher by Richard Simon

3 CE Hours • $39

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The content of this course is at the introductory - intermediate level.