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The Therapeutic Virtues: What Makes A Good Therapist Good?

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professional development

Research shows again and again that the main ingredient of effective treatment has little to do with therapeutic technique. This course delves into the traits that you need to be a better therapist right away.

What are the qualities of heart and mind that enable certain clinicians to be the most helpful to their clients? In Reading Course R120, five of the most respected figures in the field each focus on a prime therapeutic virtue.

Here's What Reading Course R120, The Therapeutic Virtues, Covers:

  • How therapy is grounded in curiosity about the minutiae of people's lives.
  • The Janus-like nature of clinical attentiveness.
  • The wide-angle lens required of the systemic therapist.
  • How to improve your practice by turning tragedy into comedy .
  • The importance of facing the truth of opposing realities.
  • The three "detail" questions to ask client families.
  • How to plan interventions that shift the client to "both/and" thinking.

3 CE Hours • $39

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R120 The Therapeutic Virtues Course Readings

The Good Therapist: Continually Reassessing Its Role, Psychotherapy Gallops into a New Era by William Doherty & Mary Sykes Wylie

Embracing Both/And by Kenneth V. Hardy

Focusing Your Wide Angle Lens by Betty Carter

Honoring the Everyday by Ron Taffel

Mastering Mindfulness by Molly Layton

Turning Tragedy into Comedy by Frank Pittman

3 CE Hours • $39

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The content of this course is at the introductory - intermediate level.