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children family

Following the first generation of pioneers, another group of inspired clinicians and innovators emerged to expand family therapy. Learn about the distinctive contributions these more recent figures made to the field.


Clinical Wisdom

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The Craft of Conversation

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professional development

In this unusual course, six noted clinicians examine what happens when a client challenges the therapist's core assumptions about change and forces him or her to step out of their comfort zone.

Mary PipherSunday, November 13

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Mary Pipher • Find out how Mary Pipher, one of the great truth-tellers of our profession, met the spiritual challenges of middle age, and why the lessons she learned in the process are important for all of us.

PNMA13-3Perspectives on Therapy’s Questions

By Tara Brach, Eugene Gendlin, Mary Pipher, Daniel Kahneman, and Irvin Yalom

Excerpts from a series of interviews with some of the wisest souls in the field of psychology and psychotherapy on essential questions clinicians struggle with every day.