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Whose Therapy Is It Anyway?

When Your Client Is Uncommitted to Change

When we find ourselves haunted by a particular case, it may mean that we’re more invested in the client making changes than the client is himself.

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professional development

At its best, therapy is a deeply creative art, rooted in the healing quality of imagination, hope, risk, and wonder. Discover how to bring this creativity and originality into your practice right away.

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professional development

We can probably all think of at least one clinical role model or leading figure in the field who shaped our vision of the kind of therapist we wanted to be when we “grew up”. Learn about the "Top Ten" therapists of the last 25 years.


Emotion in the Consulting Room

How therapists really feel about feelings

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The ethical guidelines for therapists were once governed by simple, unambiguous rules, but in today's informal therapeutic climate, these old rules aren't so straightforward anymore. Learn how to navigate these murky ethical waters.