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MQ May/Jun 2011

MQ May/Jun 2011


Achieving Excellence

Do We Need A New Role Model?

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Featured Articles

The Road to Mastery
By Scott Miller and Mark Hubble
Therapists usually enter the field because they’re drawn to the work. But whether they excel depends largely on their professional community.

Building a Culture of Excellence
By Bob Bertolino

We all have stories about the bureaucracies that stifle clinical creativity and seem to exist primarily to generate meaningless paperwork. Here’s a tale about a community agency that actually works, and how it got that way.

What Therapists Want
By Barry Duncan

A close-up look at a 20-year, multinational study that captures the heart of therapists’ aspirations—and perhaps the soul of our professional identity.

Opening the Path
By Barry Duncan

Down for the count, a therapist again discovers that even the most hopeless sessions can have a positive outcome if you stay with the process.

From Isolation to Connection
By Peter Fraenkel

A modest proposal about how to get out of your cubbyhole, enliven your conversations with others in the field, and experience a new kind of professional community.

Mapping the Future
By Mary Sykes Wylie

Emerging from their monastic little cells, 3,000 psychotherapists had a
schmooze-fest celebrating the power of face-to-face connection, and joined forces to envision the future.