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MQ Sep/Oct 2009


Parenting in the Age of "Whatever"

Paradoxes of the Post-Boomer Family

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Vertically Challenged

Treating the Nonhierarchical Family

Ron Taffel • Parenting and childhood today often seem to have more in common with abstract expressionism than with Norman Rockwell. But is this transformation of the nature of family norms and values such a bad thing?

Bungee Families

You Can Go Home Again

Martha Straus • While some warn that the conveyor belt that once transported adolescents into adulthood has broken down, others insist the increasing numbers of adult children living at home is less about dysfunction than the changing function of family life today.

Foot on the Gas, Foot on the Brake

Helping Families Move Past Their Developmental Stalemates

Brad Sachs • Twenty-years ago, Jay Haley's classic Leaving Home offered a clinical blueprint for successfully launching young adults toward self-sufficiency. In today's brave new economy, it's time to rethink how to help families move past their developmental stalemates.

Hello, Good-bye

Boomers Are Discovering the Joys and Sorrows of Grandparenthood

Barbara Graham • As the boomers discover the joys and sorrows of becoming grandparents, they're putting their own generational stamp on a role that's as ancient as parenthood.

From Revolution to Evolution

Salvador Minuchin Reflects on His Therapeutic Legacy

Richard Simon • Although Salvador Minuchin is arguably the most influential clinician of the last half-century, his work is light-years away from the routinized approaches that dominate today's therapy world.