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MQ Jul/Aug 2009


A World of Difference

Living with an Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Carrying the Hope

Parenting a Child with Asperger's

Alexandra Solomon • When a child is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, everything in a family changes. Good-enough parenting must give way to the demands of Uberparenting—always mindful, always well-paced, always at the child's learning edge. 

School Daze

The World is a Baffling Place for Kids with Asperger's

Diane Yapko • Constant uncertainty about who's a friend and who's a foe, the mundane chaos of the classroom, rules that always seem to be changing—an ordinary day at school is a baffling experience for kids with Asperger's syndrome.

The Missing Piece

Helping Asperger's Clients Find Connection

Richard Howlin • To go through life with Asperger's as an adult is like walking onto a stage and being the only actor who doesn't know the lines or plot. But as the condition becomes better understood, therapists are developing ways to provide stage directions that can make a difference.

Meet Me Halfway

The Experiences of a Teen with Asperger's Syndrome

Nathan Weissler • The worry and wonder of living with AS.

Grand Illusion

Has the American Dream Become Our Nightmare? 

Mary Sykes Wylie • In the last few decades, getting ahead, always a leitmotif in American society, gave way to a collective hallucination of striking it filthy rich. As we awaken with anxiety and dread from this version of the American Dream, it's time to reexamine our mindset about money.

The Second Avenue Deli School of Economics

Lessons From the Great Depression

Esther Rothman • You think the toboggan ride of your 401(k) has been rough!? A survivor of the Great Depression muses on what that era taught her about managing the unmanageable.