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MQ Sep/Oct 2008

MAG_QUIZ_SO08How Evolved Are We?

The Triune Brain in the Consulting Room


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It's a Jungle in There

We're Not as Evolved as We Think

Louis Cozolino • The human brain is an anachronistic menagerie...

Our Serotonin, Our Selves?

Can the Brains of the Dead Give Hope to the Living? 

Charles Barber • Studying the brains of people who committed suicide raises basic questions...

Brain to Brain

Applying the Wisdom of Neuroscience in Your Practice

Bonnie Badenoch • After a decade of trying to integrate our growing knowledge about the brain into everyday practice...

Unlocking the Emotional Brain

Finding the Neural Key to Transformation 

Bruce Ecker • Recent findings about memory consolidation in the brain have opened up the possibility...

Practice Makes Perfect

There's No Shortcut to Lasting Change

Carolyn Daitch • Many clients believe that the therapy process all by itself will magically improve their lives and relationships. We must help them recognize that without their own consistent efforts, therapy is unlikely to give them what they want.