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MQ Jan/Feb 2008

08_jan_feb_quiz Looking In, Looking Out

Mindfulness as a Path to Relationship


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A Quiet Revolution

Therapists Are Learning a New Way to Be With Their Clients 

Jerome Front • If you're a therapist these days, it's hard to open a publication--or your mailbox--without hearing about mindfulness. Are the Eastern wisdom traditions changing the face of our field and our notions of the therapeutic relationship?

The Soul of Relationship

Where Self and Other Meet 

Molly Layton • Making "contact" with our partner means first recognizing a subtle inner substrate where we encounter everything from boredom to anxiety to sexual interest to outright rage . . . and more.

Any Day Above Ground

After Recovery, What Then? 

David Treadway • Letting go of our childlike fascination with the promise of the future is one of the hardest challenges of truly being in the moment.

Finding Daylight

Mindful Recovery From Depression

Zindel Segal • There's increasing evidence that mindfulness helps depressed people fight relapse.

Pathologizing for Dollars 

Lawrence Diller • The Rise of the ADHD Diagnosis.