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Achieving Clinical Excellence

Scott MillerWednesday, November 16

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Scott Miller • Learn about the current research on what distinguishes “Supershrinks” from the rest of us and find out how you can increase your clinical effectiveness with Scott Miller, the founder of the International Center for Clinical Excellence.

Miller will explain why experience, theoretical orientation, and interpersonal skills aren’t highly correlated with outcome and outline the three steps necessary to achieving superior performance as a therapist. You’ll gain an understanding of how to radically improve your clinical outcomes by routinely gathering and analyzing client feedback, accurately self-assessing your skills, and applying the discipline of deliberate practice in your therapeutic work.

Scott Miller, Ph.D., the founder of the International Center for Clinical Excellence, has authored numerous articles and books on how to conduct therapy effectively. He’s the coauthor of The Heart and Soul of Change and The Heroic Client: Principles of Client-Directed, Outcome-Informed Clinical Work. His work is featured the Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference. Website:

Learning Objectives:

1. Explain how to assess performance in the therapy field
2. Discuss why it’s important to obtain formal feedback on an ongoing basis
3. List and describe the 3 steps to superior performance