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Energy Psychology and PTSD

David FeinsteinWednesday, November 16

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David Feinstein • Explore the evidence supporting Energy Psychology (EP), one of psychotherapy’s most discussed—and most controversial—methods, with veteran therapist David Feinstein.

Learn about the background and techniques involved in EP, including the basic protocol and the role of acupoint tapping. Find out about advances in EP research and how to integrate this technique as an effective clinical tool for treating PTSD. You’ll gain a much better understanding of this approach and of how it may be employed with a range of clinical issues, including phobias, anxiety, and trauma symptoms.

David Feinstein, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist whose five books on energy healing have won eight national awards, including the U.S. Book News Best Psychology/Mental Health Book of 2008. He’s taught at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and is a pioneer in the field of energy psychology. Feinstein and his wife, Donna Eden, coauthored The Promise of Energy Psychology with Gary Craig, the founder of the Emotional Freedom Technique. To learn more about David Feinstein visit Website:

Learning Objectives:

1. Explain the role of exposure in trauma treatment
2. Describe the evidence behind the science of acupoint tapping
3. Understand why the amygdala is at the core of PTSD