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The Brain through the Lifespan

Louis CozolinoWednesday, November 16

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Louis Cozolino • Preview what the more brain-based therapy of the future may have to offer with Louis Cozolino, a leader of a new breed of clinicians joining a sophisticated grasp of neuroscience with an appreciation for the practical issues of day-to-day practice.

The author of two of the most popular books on brain development—The Neuroscience of Psychotherapy and The Neuroscience of Human Relationships—Cozolino will discuss how our brains mature and the growing evidence that, in certain respects, our brains actually improve with age due to their plasticity, and especially when we apply what new research is showing us about maintain healthy brain function.

Louis Cozolino, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at Pepperdine University, is the author of The Neuroscience of Psychotherapy: Building and Rebuilding the Human Brain; The Neuroscience of Human Relationships: Attachment and the Developing Social Brain; The Making of a Therapist; and The Healthy Aging Brain: Sustaining Attachment, Attaining Wisdom. Pepperdine University website:

Learning Objectives:

1. Discuss the evolution and function of the brain, connecting it to your practice of psychotherapy
2. List 3 ways the brain has evolved for sustained engagement throughout the lifespan
3. List 3 ways the brain is a social organ and how its ability to influence and change has been accomplished