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The Paradoxes of the Post-Boomer Family

Ron TaffelMonday, November 7

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Ron Taffel • Come along with Ron Taffel, one of psychotherapy’s foremost cultural observers, on a fascinating journey charting the profound transformation of childhood, adolescence, and family life over the past three decades.

Using both his in-the-trenches experience as a clinician and his gifts as a keen social observer, Taffel will offer a distinctive vision of how warp-speed cultural changes have rendered obsolete much of the traditional therapeutic wisdom about working with kids today. You’ll learn leverage points to help yourself stay authoritative with kids and parents—who often are unwilling to accept old-think definitions of communication and hierarchy—and update your map for navigating the new clinical challenges of working with 21st-century families.

Ron Taffel, Ph.D., one of the field’s leading experts on family life, is the chairman of the board of the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy in New York. He’s the author of numerous books for parents and professionals, including The Second Family; Breaking Through to Teens; and, most recently, Childhood Unbound: Saving Our Kids’ Best Selves. Website:

Learning Objectives:

1. Describe Taffel’s vision of how “warp speed” cultural changes have affected our work with children
2. List 3 of the “bewildering paradoxes” of 21st-century parenting
3. Discuss how Taffel proposes we stay engaged with children who reject the old norms of “family”