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Rethinking PTSD

Mary Jo BarrettMonday, November 7

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Mary Jo Barrett • Explore our evolving understanding of PTSD, particularly the difference between a reaction to a single event and complex trauma--a more pervasive condition rooted in a history of abuse and neglect.

Mary Jo Barrett, the founder of the Center for Contextual Change, will present a 3-stage approach detailing how clinicians can create a context for change within therapy through specific techniques and a structured environment. She’ll demonstrate a model that begins with creating a sense of safety and moves on to matching specific treatments with different symptom patterns and consolidating treatment while preventing relapse.

Mary Jo Barrett, M.S.W., is the founder and director of the Center for Contextual Change and teaches at the University of Chicago. She’s the coauthor of Systemic Treatment of Incest and coeditor of Treating Incest: A Multimodal Systems Perspective. Website:

Learning Objectives:

l. Review the Collaborative Stage Model
2. Cite specific interventions to create a sense of safety, new pathways of communications, and consolidate treatment
3. Discuss the role of attachment in the treatment between family members and therapist