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MQ Mar/Apr 2013


Clinical Wisdom

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Wisdom in Psychotherapy

Can we afford it?

Ronald Siegel • It wasn’t their research results or bestselling books that set apart Freud, Rogers, Minuchin, and Satir. They seemed to have a sense of what really mattered. Today have conceptions about clinical wisdom become obsolete?


Dark Passage

Suffering and the quest for wisdom

By Kevin Anderson • There’s something about healing from the deep emotional suffering that feels like death and rebirth—not the quick kind that some claim to receive in religious conversion. It’s the kind that asks us to be open to changing our contract with life.


The Many Faces of Wisdom

Perspectives on therapy’s questions

By Tara Brach, Eugene Gendlin, Mary Pipher, Daniel Kahneman, and Irvin Yalom • Excerpts from a series of interviews with some of the wisest souls in the field of psychology and psychotherapy on essential questions clinicians struggle with every day.


Psychotherapy’s Mark Twain

An unpardonable sin for Frank Pittman

By Mary Sykes Wylie • Networker movie critic and contributor Frank Pittman delighted in pointing out the follies, foibles, and excesses of the therapy world, especially anything he considered too trendy, sanctimonious, or politically correct.