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Thursday, 10 January 2013 11:58


The Wounds of War

Returning vets are challenging us to rethink our approaches to PTSD

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The Puzzle of PTSD

Does the PTSD Diagnosis Do More Harm Than Good? 

Roy Clymer • Does the diagnosis of PTSD actually hamper therapists' ability to help combat veterans do the hard work of coming to terms with their war experiences.

It Takes a Community

Therapy-As-Usual Can't Serve the Needs of Our Returning Troops

Laurie Leitch and Elaine Miller-Karas • Our standard psychotherapeutic paradigm is unequal to the mammoth challenge of serving the troops who've served in Iraq and Afghanistan. What's needed is a public health perspective that taps into the power of community healing.

The Rules of Engagement

A Civilian Therapist's Guide to the Military Mindset

Alison Lighthall • What civilian therapists need to know about military culture and life in a combat zone to best serve veterans struggling with war trauma.

The Case for Energy Psychology

Snake Oil or Therapeutic Power Tool?

David Feinstein • A wizened, seen-it-all psychologist describes how he came to embrace an approach that much of the orthodox psychotherapy world considers the latest incarnation of snake oil.

A Smile after the Storm

EP on the Front Lines

Caroline Sakai • A young orphan in Rwanda learns to get beyond an experience of unimaginable horror.

Deconstructing Depression

A Therapeutic Roadmap for Effective Treatment

Margaret Wehrenberg • Depression is an ill-defined diagnosis encompassing conditions with a variety of underlying causes. Recognizing different forms of depression is the key to initiating effective treatment.