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MQ Sep/Oct 2010


Life After 2.0 

Has the Digital Revolution Become a Relationship Revolution?

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The Relationship Revolution

The Internet as a New Way of Life

Melinda Blau • The Internet may seem like a 21st-century nightmare version of the worst excesses of the marketplace. But it's creating new possibilities for connection and conversation that are transforming our very notions of human relationship.

The www.Addiction

Few of us Can Resist the Seduction of the Internet

Mary Sykes Wylie • Have you ever noticed how often you surf the net or check e-mail when you feel bored or restless or depressed, as if relief is just a click away? The Internet doesn't just provide information or social connection: it can be its own form of cybercoke.

The Mindful Internet User

It's About Knowing When to Stop

John Grohol • How mindfulness can reduce the stress of multitasking and information overload.

Allying with the Internet

The Best Clinical Resources on the Web

Elizabeth Doherty Thomas • A guide to the wealth of websites and message boards that can be useful to clients and therapists alike.

The New Technologies of Change

21st Century Tools Are Transforming Therapeutic Practice

Jordan Magaziner • Advances in technology are challenging the idea that therapy must revolve around the traditional, face-to-face clinical encounter.

Extending the Conversation

How to Use Social Media to Enhance Your Practice

Marina London • When it comes to the business of therapeutic practice, most practitioners have a lot to learn about how to use the new social media effectively.

As the Twig Is Bent

Understanding the Health Implications of Early Life Trauma

Mary Sykes Wylie • While it's common knowledge that childhood trauma can have far-reaching consequences for adult mental health, its impact on adult physical health is less obvious. Now a new study demonstrates an astonishing correlation between childhood maltreatment and a vast range of later-life illnesses.