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MQ May/Jun 2008

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Psychology Takes on the Immigration Debate


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The New Social Mind

Immigration and Our National Identity Crisis

Michael Ventura • In our globalized, multicultural world, the individual and the family can no longer be understood solely as separate, discrete entities. Psychology must undertake an immense intellectual task if it's to remain relevant and applicable: to understand how the intersection of personal and social identity has changed and is continuing to evolve.

The Immigrant's Odyssey

Trauma, Loss, and the Promise of Healing

Priska Imberti • Immigration is often a trauma that leaves indelible marks on those who've left behind family, customs, cultural values, and status. Perhaps more than any other client population, immigrants need a therapeutic breathing space to understand the inner transformation their continuing journey requires.

Living Up to the American Dream

The Price of Being the Model Immigrants

Tazuko Shibusawa • The experience of Asian immigrants is often characterized as a classic rags-to-riches tale. Yet for all the stories of success and assimilation, there's another, less publicized, Asian immigrant story--one remote from the image of the idealized "model minority."

Divorcing Well

Bringing Buddhist Practice to Divorce Counseling 

Ashley Prend • While the death of a marriage is undoubtedly painful, it doesn't have to be pathological. Buddhism can offer the concrete guidance to help even the most intransigently hostile spouses cultivate a spirit of generosity and compassion toward their ex-partners.