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MQ Nov/Dec 2007

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Who Are They? What Can We Learn from Them?


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What's the Secret of Their Success? 

Scott Miller, Mark Hubble, and Barry Duncan • Why do some therapists clearly stand out above the rest, consistently getting far better results than most of their colleagues? According to the research, it isn't training, experience, theory, personality style, or even raw talent that makes the difference.


How Being Bad Can Make You Better

Developing a Culture of Feedback in Your Practice

Barry Duncan, Scott Miller, and Mark Hubble • Regularly using a few simple feedback measures—plus paying close attention to your failures—can make you a better therapist

But Will It Help "Those" Clients?

Cynthia Maeschalck and Rob Axsen • Once skeptical about the value of regularly seeking client feedback, therapists at a public agency become true believers.


The Accidental Therapist

Jay Haley Didn't Set out to Transform Psychotherapy 

Mary Sykes Wylie • Although he influenced a generation of therapists with his strategic methods, Jay Haley was always more at home as an observer of behavior than as an intervener.