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Narrative Therapy: The Clinical Legacy Of Michael White

Narrative Therapy: The Clinical Legacy Of Michael White

media-audiocourse-tn With Stephen Madigan • 6 Sessions • 6 Optional CE Hours

Michael WhiteExplore an innovative method, pioneered by a legend in the field, that helps clients challenge oppression and abuse to reclaim their own agency and personal authority

Many popular therapies, including mindfulness-based and cognitive approaches, encourage us to become aware of the constantly critical conversations inside our brains. But few locate the source of these self-defeating stories outside of our family life and early experience. By contrast, in Narrative Therapy, Michael White pioneered a way of investigating the hidden political, familial, and institutional influences behind our “private” internal conversations.

What's Covered in A604 Narrative Therapy:

  • White's seven foundations of narrative therapy.
  • How to ask questions that get clients curious about how they became controlled by a culture obsessed with striving and consumption.
  • How to externalize conversations, use “feed-forward” and redescription questions, and employ therapeutic letter-writing in your practice.

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A604 Narrative Therapy:
The Clinical Legacy Of Michael White

Session 1:

  • Explanation of Narrative Therapy
  • Brief history of Michael White and his work
  • Reconsidering ideas about identity
  • How to help clients avoid privatizing their problems within their bodies

Session 2:

  • Understandings externalizing conversations
  • Mapping the influence of problems on clients and relationships
  • Navigating unique outcomes
  • Bringing forth alternative stories

Session 3:

  • Asking Narrative Therapy questions to draw out redescriptions of clients’ problems and elicit new viewpoints about future activities
  • Understanding the grammar, construction, and meaning of narrative questions

Session 4:

  • Michel Foucault and the three objectifications of the self
  • Considering how structural inequalities and issues of power and culture are central to our understanding and treatment of problems

Session 5:

  • Using the written word in therapy: therapeutic letters, therapeutic letter-writing campaigns, summits of remembering
  • Establishing “counter” files
  • Understanding the sociohistorical context of clients’ narratives

Session 6:

  • Outside-witness practices: The vital contribution of the “audience” to the re-development of the language of inner life

Meet Presenter Stephen Madigan, MSW, PhD

Stephen MadiganStephen Madigan, M.S.W., Ph.D., opened the first Narrative Therapy training clinic in the Northern Hemisphere. He's presently writing a book about Narrative Therapy for the American Psychological Association and developing a seven-part DVD series showcasing his Narrative Therapy work with clients. His newest book, Chitter-Chatter: The Eight Conversational Habits of Highly Effective Problems, will be out in 2009.


Get All 6 Audio Sessions Now
Download: $59

The content of this course is at the introductory - intermediate level.