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Psychotherapy From The Inside Out: The Brain Of The Mindful Therapist

media-audiocourse-tn With Daniel Siegel • 12 Sessions • 12 Optional CE Hours

mind-body-a307-mindful-therapistDiscover how ancient meditation traditions and the latest brain research meet to yield a new understanding of the connection between neural integration, mindfulness, and therapeutic effectiveness.

As we learn more about the social nature of the brain, we discover what traditional notions of "mindfulness" mean in the context of human relationships. It is becoming ever clearer that it is the clinician's own level of neural integration that is at the heart of the therapeutic process. With Dan Seigel, this course will focus on how neuroscience can complement traditional contemplative practices and discuss how this is important in the consulting room.

What's Covered in A307 Psychotherapy from the Inside Out:

  • The nine levels of neural integration and how to work at each level, both for yourself and with your clients.
  • Recent findings about the mirror neuron system and how the circuits involved in emotional resonance and empathy can enhance your understanding of others and of your self.
  • The role of "mindsight" -the interweaving of insight and empathy-and how it can improve your cleint's emotional self-regulation, communication, and mental well-being.
  • Why it is important to establish integration within your own life so that you can create the interpersonal foundation for healing in others.

12 Audio MP3 Sessions:
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Add 12 CE Credit Hours: $99

A307 Psychotherapy From The Inside Out:
The Brain Of The Mindful Therapist

Session 1:

  • An Overview
  • Neural integration of the therapist's own brain
  • Healing relationships

Session 2:

  • Integration of Consciousness
  • How to develop receptive awareness
  • Attentional focus and the "hub of the mind"

Session 3:

  • Vertical Integration: The Embodied Mind
  • Connecting the wisdom of the body and reflections of the mind
  • Assessing nonverbal signals, somatic responses
  • Insight and empathy

Session 4:

  • Bilateral Integration
  • Differentiated processes of left and right brain
  • How to integrate separate elements of cerebral processing

Session 5:

  • Memory Integration
  • Implicit memory
  • How the past biases present experiences

Session 6:

  • Narrative Integration
  • Passive or active as authors of our lives
  • Deeper meaning of how our story is embedded in the brain

Session 7:

  • State Integration
  • Linking many different brain states
  • How therapist opens to the states of the client's brain

Session 8:

  • Temporal Integration
  • Confronting the reality of time
  • Embracing the reality of death

Session 9:

  • Interpersonal Integration
  • Therapist's history of relationship
  • Early attachment experiences and healing intimate connections

Session 10:

  • "Transpirational" Integration
  • Neural basis of the unity of all things
  • Beyond the bodily-define self

Session 11:

  • Overview of Neural Integration
  • Review of therapeutic applications of integrative processes

Session 12:

  • Mindsight
  • Interpersonal neurobiology as a framework
  • Insight and empathy to nurture healing in ourselves and others

Meet Presenter Daniel Siegel, MD

Dan SiegelDaniel Siegel, MD, is an associate clinical professor at UCLA and author of The Developing Mind, a pioneering book about the neurobiology of human emotion and interpersonal connection. His most recent book, Parenting from the Inside Out, provides a practical guide to what the latest findings of neuroscience can teach us about how best to raise children.


12 Audio MP3 Sessions:
Download $99
Add 12 CE Credit Hours: $99

The content of this course is at the introductory - intermediate level.