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Shhh! The Ethical Dilemmas No One Talks About

media-audiocourse-tn With Mary Jo Barrett • 4 Sessions • 4 Optional CE Hours

ethics-a216-shush-businesspeopleGet straightforward insights for dealing with the thorniest practice issues you’ll ever face: self-disclosure, sexual attraction, gifts, and dual relationships, among others.

The ethical guidelines for therapists were once governed by simple, unambiguous rules, but in today's informal therapeutic climate, these old rules aren't so straightforward anymore. Learn how to navigate these murky ethical waters. This course will explore the ethical dilemmas around boundaries involving such issues as self-disclosure, sexuality, gifts, and dual relationships.

What's Covered in A216 Shhh! The Ethical Dilemmas No One Talks About:

  • 3 changes in how therapy is done that affects ethical guidelines.
  • How to deal with contextual issues that create boundary confusion.
  • Understanding the importance of establishing clear boundary guidelines at the beginning of treatment and reestablishing them when boundary violations seem imminent.
  • 3 ways that self-revealing by the therapist can benefit clients.
  • How to handle personal questions from clients, practice therapy in your home, meet clients outside of the therapy office, and deal with sexual attraction.

Note: This course fulfills many state board requirements for training in ethics and risk management.

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A216 Shhh! The Ethical Dilemmas
No One Talks About

Session 1:

  • Historical Perspective of Ethical Boundaries in Practice
  • Reviewing the past with respect to professional and personal life style and practice style, and how these change impact our practice

Session 2:

  • Compassion Fatigue
  • Defining and understanding the theoretical and practical impact of Compassion Fatigue in maintaining healthy personal and professional boundaries

Session 3:

  • In-Session Boundaries
  • Exploring the challenges of self-disclosure, gift-giving, sexual boundaries, and safety for both client and therapist in the office and during session

Session 4:

  • Out of Session Boundaries
  • Exploring the challenges of small-town practice, "client sightings" outside of the office, invitations to celebratory events, and dual-relationship struggles
  • Each session will include discussion and consultation in order for participants to resolve boundary dilemmas and apply material immediately to their practice

Meet Presenter Mary Jo Barrett, MSW

Mary Jo Barrett
Mary Jo Barrett, M.S.W., is director of the Center for Contextual Change in Skokie, Illinois, and teaches at the University of Chicago. She's the author of Systemic Treatment of Incest and Treating Incest: A Multiple Systems Perspective.


Get All 4 Audio Sessions Now
Download: $57

The content of this course is at the introductory - intermediate level.